The future world, all things intelligent!

Motion intelligence continues to launch the industry-leading and cost-effective aiot module. By connecting with the core intelligent module, it can immediately obtain intelligent upgrading, and obtain zero investment in off-line voice, off-line vision, firmware, app and cloud platform, and enable products with AI.

Aiot module is the key to intelligent products. The standard module of intelligent research and development of movement is universal in the world. It can be customized for various application scenarios, shorten the R & D cycle, reduce the R & D investment and risk, and reduce the procurement cost. Share the latest scientific and technological achievements of the industry with customers, and help them launch advanced technology, excellent experience and exciting technology products.

The installation equipment of Internet of things has reached tens of billion units in the world, which is growing rapidly. The software and hardware capabilities of terminals are gradually mature. The integration of various intelligent sensors, such as voice, vision, laser, millimeter wave, depth, etc., is coming. With advanced core technology and rich experience in the industry, the mobile intelligent senior management team focuses on the intelligence of Internet of things products. Together with our partners, we provide the industry with hardware, firmware, algorithm, cloud, app and other integration capabilities, provide cost-effective and efficient solutions, and enable aiot industrialization.